Tips to Get Rid Of Pimples Fast and Easy Way


If u realy serious about how to Aviod pimples then here are some tips that u have to follow, Eat every day beneficail fruits like Avacado, cucumber.Pimples are normal skin desease, many pepole suffer frm this. this is a kind of inflammation, that present on the skin get ifected with bacteria.Oily skins is the main reasons behind this problem.It’s not a critical problems.In a market der are lots of lotions, medicines are available for d pimples but it take more time. Better there are many natural steps and methods that are der, that can help u in treating pimples within a short time period.

Tips 1 : Cut strawberry leaves on the pimples for half an hours, the acid leaves help to dry out ur pimples in jus easy way.

Tips 2 : Take a tomato in half piece and rub it on ur face where pimples r affcted areas.

Tips 3 : Take a cotton ball, deep in a vinegar apply it on your pimples and dry them Out after then wash it with Warm water.

Tips 4 : In a day Drink Eight Glass of water, to avoid pimples.

Tips 5 : Don’t use oil products like, hair cleanser, hair pomades and oil based other products.

Tips 6 : Apply Manuka honey on ur face, leave them for 30 mintues, after wash your face with warm water, this will help u to avoid bacteria and pimples.

Tips 7 : Apply Aloevira gel on ur pimples where affected, and leave them for 15-20 minutes. The aloevira will help avoid Redness skin, pimples and Bacteria.

Tips 8 : Use an oil Cleanser, becoz it’s non comeoganic.massage the cleanser over the entrie face, and rub it very lighly for max 30 seconds to avoid irritating the skin.

Tips 9 : Tootpaste is can also used to avaiod pimples. Be careful only use white Tootpaste. Aviod using gel one.Apply white tootpaste on your pimples before going to sleep. Next mrng after wash it water.

Tips 10 : Steam is one of the best way who suffering form pimples. Steam will help to get Rid of Oils, dirty bacteria.These treatment will also make look face complextions and brighter.


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