“The Best Memorable Day of My Life, With My Best Friend”

My School Days Are One Of The Most And Best Memorable Part Of My life.

Today I am my going to tell u something about my most memorable day, with my cousin brother ‘Vivek Chuhan’. It was first day of school and it was the 15th may of 2006.  We first met at our school, when we are in 5th class. Her mother was my aunt. First of fall we introduced our self on same day. As he was new to school. Because he came from Rajkot to Studies here.  I first took him to see my school, labs, playground area and to the canteen.

After a Couple of days… I had too many friends. In that Time, Some are my school fellows and some are my class Mate Friends. But the Best and Closest friend or say brother among them is Vivek, who was in my class. I remember that day. When I met him First time in my class 5. He was very Cute Looking guy with a fair Color. He is of my age, He was a very cheerful in Nature and Innocents too, He has very Champy and Black oily hair, With Beautiful Pair of Brown Eyes and White Milky teeth. He belongs from a very Rich, Respectable and Gujrati family.

We came to closer, He was my best friend and brother. He was part of my life, in school we sited in one bench. We walk together, we talk together, and we play together. Everyone is getting jealous of us, because our friendship is getting much stronger in couple of days. We always play together in recess. We always passed out with A Grade. We are very active and smart and we both good in studies and games. We always completed our Note Book. In our class every girls like to friendship with us, just because our friendship is famous in school. Vivek was very punctual on His time. The school time is 7.30 to 12.30. He reached every day at school at 7.00 am. If any boy abuses him, he never loses his Temper. He was always smiling With Cute Dimple on he’s Face. We always wear neat and clean School Uniform. I never saw him with dirty clothes covered with Blue ink spots. He loves to wear a Red chex shirt, with a black pant and with a pair of black Canvas shoes. That Time, He wear’s very costly clothes but he never do show off. We had done lots of fun together.

After completing our S.S.C he went back to Rajkot. I was very upset, with this moment but we use to talk on phone and we use to keep in touch after every other day.

After a 4 year later, One day in the morning my father told me that and my Mom and Dad are going to Rajkot vivek’s house. As they have renovated his house and kept some Rituals. So I told my father that I haven’t met vivek since many years, I am eager to go but my exams were near, and so my father told me “No” just because of the exams are near. i forced to my father whole day, in the end he said ok, but we have to return back in 2 days. I was so happy that I was unable to express feelings and I didn’t inform vivek I just told him that I cannot come. Because I have to give Surprise to Vivek.

The 2nd day in morning, we reached Rajkot; we took auto and finally reached vivek’s house. I just entered in the house and suddenly vivek saw me and he shouted with the loud happiness and we both huge each other and started screaming with the excitement. And then we attended the rituals, and it was around 4 pm in evening, we freshen up our self’s, and he removed he’s bike and we went for a drive. First he took me 2-3 temples which were very famous in Rajkot. Then we went to the market. We did some shopping, I also buyed his favorite red chex shirt for him and then we finally went to pub, which was one of the best in Rajkot. We dance, we had some drinks and finally we had dinner. Then we went back to his home. We spent whole night at his balcony we refreshed our old memories and the next morning again is time to say ‘Goodbye’. As we have to leave for Mumbai. He has been with me now from past 10 years and we are still missing our childhood days and it was best memorable day I passed with him.

“Between Real True Friends Even Water Drunk Together Sweet Enough”



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