“A One Bold Step That Change My Life Truly “

“Life is a journey.. Its Not a Destination”. In My Life, many times I have to take some hard decision. But we all Know Very Well, It is not easy for us to Take a Decision In Life. At Some situations its Very Hard to Take some difficult decision.

When I Was Completed My Engineering. After that I Just Wanted to be a CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert).  After that I Research about the Best Networking Classes. Finally I got the

Classes. I Joined that Classes, I Completed my CCNA, CCNP and I completed my CCIE exam in Service Provider.  And It’s Like Miracle for Me. I Passed the CCIE Exam. I Was Very Happy , I Can’t Express My Feelings. It Was A Happiest Moment of My life.

After a Couple Days… I Applied in any Many Website and More  Company. And  Finally I Got Call from Bangalore. They Want to Hire Me as CCIE. Bangalore Was Totally New City for Me. Around 1000 km from Mumbai. But It Was Biggest Opportunity For Me to Work in MNC Company In Bangalore. I Satisfied With the Salary they are Offered to Me. It’s a Big Chance for Me to Perform Something that Other Cannot do. But Now Again  it’s Very Hard Decision that I Have to Take. My Family Members Were Not Agreed,  Because they Were Worried About Me. My Family Was Saying  “No” to Me. Because I don’t know Anything About Bangalore.

brandcover (1)

It was My first bold step I took in my whole life:-  For Me It Was Not Easy To Go Against My Family. After Taking A Along Time on Decision, I finally Decide to go Bangalore. So I took a Bold Step  to #StartANewLife. It was My first Bold Step ,I had taken In My LIFE.  My family Finally Agreed.

I left  Mumbai and I came to Bangalore. I was Everything New to Me. After that I Booked My Room in hotel in Bangalore. I was worried about me. That how I would manage all the things alone in new city. Next day, I Go for interview and I was selected. Its was again a biggest happiest moment in life comes. I was thinking I had taken right decision at time. And my family was too happy. Company Provide me a flat in Bangalore. I started My cooking food alone and I managed my expenses, washing clothes etc. After a couple of days I am feeling lonely too. I missed my family members and friends. After slowly slowly I was getting busy in My job. But I Managed All this Things. When ever I get time i was exploring night life in Bangalore. In Bangalore Night Life was Just Awesome.In Bangalore, Bengali sweets are very famous. Bangalore is a very Beautiful city.

Now I am very happy, Now I am working in MNC Company in Bangalore. Finally My dream Comes True, I always wanted to be a CCIE. All these things happen only because of my one bold step That I had Taken. I was Thinking that, If I didn’t took that step, so I was not here  Right now and I am not able to make my dreams come true. So if you are hesitate to take right decision then don’t be hesitate. Because One Bold step can Change your Life. A small bold step can change your life Forever. Try it !

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