A Story About Optimist…

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

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I still Remember, it was the year 2010, I was in hostel in Pune. I was on my final Year engineering Stage; I had taken “Masters of Science in Engineering”. Just some more days to complete my engineering. My last year engineering exams are going on and every Student is so excited. Me and friends are so excited, Because we all students have spent 4 years in a hostel, But We Enjoyed a lot together, we share our happiness, sadness. Every Student talk about we will do this, we will take a tour and vacation in Goa and etc. Everybody has a different opinion and views. We will shout like crazy after the last exam. But I missed my families and friends; I was far away from family. We don’t know where our career is going to land. The hostel is a mixed bag of emotions, everybody has so much excitement and nervous too. In all some are confident and I was very nervous because of my exams… I have to buildup my career anyhow; I have to pass final exams.

And finally day comes, the happiest moment of my life ever. I can’t express my feelings which are very difficult to put in words. I passed my final year engineering Exam. It was ‘Days of Freedom’. Finally a day comes to go ‘Back to Home’. When I reached home my families and relatives were too excited. My dad has proud on me… We all student cheer up with joy and happiness. After 2 months later, I applied in Mnc Companies.

After a couple of days… I got replied from U.K, I got the job. I was so excited to go, at the same time I was feeling nervous too. Because First time i was going U.K. It was totally unknown for me. Approximately 7220 kilometers from Mumbai. But anyhow I have to go. Finally I reached at airport; it was my final time to leaving the country. In India I had spent, 21 best year of my life. I missed families, friends, my love, my education, and my childhood memories. Although which I had spent in India. I realize the country that made me what I’m today; it gave so much to me.

After completing around 10 hrs of journey. My flight was landed at London Heathrow Airport. Everything was arranged from company. I reached at hotel. I unpack my language. After taking a rest, I walk down from hotel and put earphones in ear and started walking. I was thinking that everybody spoke a different language and had a different culture. I was complete nervous, because fear of Work in a completely Mnc company in UK and new in environment, with new staff, and everything was new for me. I was really worried about me but had no option. I left my families, my city, and my country.

After 1 week later, I got the job and I started working in a multinational company. My Future was filled with optimism and life was going very colorful with full of happiness. I started Smiling. I roamed the city as much as and I could and visited many places, National gallery, Tower Bridge, British Museum etc with my friends which made in office. All the fears and nervousness that I had, all the thoughts are disappeared totally. I felt I’m in my home country now. I completely satisfied with job. I was enjoying my life… Just Believe in yourself. I realize my optimism and hope in my life goes with positiveness once again. I have decided to stay calm and look up. My life filled with optimism and hope for the future. Optimism can be found all, In the laughter of children, In the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being far away

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